Monthly Archive: August 2010

Aug 31

Ice Block Sledding

We went ice block sledding when we were in California! It was so much fun! My Mom started freezing a block of ice before she left to Utah. Unfortunately I couldn't remember to freeze more and we only ended up with two blocks that worked well.  What is ice block sledding you ask? Basically you …

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Aug 30

Grandpa John

Nothing much is going on right now. Just trying to adjust to school life. Everyone is loving school! Even Nik! I know, it's great!! Anyways, I thought I would take this chance to catch up on our CA trip!  The best thing about visiting CA  is spending time with family! My Dad is so busy …

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Aug 27


Today is hot! So hot I wish I could take my kids to the reservoir instead of school! So instead I will dream about the cool water as I look at the pictures I took the two days we were able to go play at the reservoir with my nieces! They all enjoyed the reservoir! I mean …

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Aug 26

Nik’s Home!!!

Did I mention Nik's home! Well, he is and I am ecstatic!!!! Adam brought him home late Sunday night! The other kids were bummed they had to go to school and didn't get to see him much! They all tackled him first thing in the morning when he walked up the stairs!!! Yeah, he is looking …

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Aug 25


Monday night Adam gave the kids their father's blessings! It is always a wonderful night that the kids all look forward to at the beginning of every school year. Each year I take a picture with Adam and each kid so they will always remember the special night!             I …

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Aug 24

Another First Day of School

Today two more kids had their first day of school! Nik started at the local junior high today! The school is huge and I was very nervous for him, but he had a great day. He was able to open his locker and find all his classes. He found a lot of kids there he …

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Aug 23

First Day of School

Zoe, Ammon, Britain and Kalixta all had their first day of school today! Everything went perfectly! They were all so excited to go! It is hard to believe they will be in school all day long now!! I love new backpacks! Can't you tell Britain and Kalixta decorated theirs with their names and peace signs …

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Aug 22

2010 Back To School Fashion Show

Tonight was our annual back to school fashion show. Zoe, Britain and Kalixta enjoy showing off their school clothes. The other two just enjoyed being silly! It was fun though and it gets the kids excited for a new school year that starts TOMORROW!!! Crazy I know. We have been having so much fun with …

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Aug 21

Utah County Fair

Adam took Cami, Gabi and Mariyah home yesterday. The house has been awful quiet since they left. The good news is he will bring Nik home tomorrow!! I can't wait!  The last adventure we went on before they went home was going to the Utah County Fair! Now, I have never been to a fair …

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Aug 20

Bye Bye

My Mom went home today. She had been here for about a month and we have gotten used to her always being around! My Dad came on Tuesday to see Baby Platt and then drive Mom home! The kids miss her already. They have asked when Grandma is coming over a couple times today! The …

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