Monthly Archive: July 2010

Jul 30

The Reservoir

We are in CA soaking up the sun and having fun fun fun at the Fiesta! There will be lots of pictures of that later. I decided to use this time to catch up on posts I've wanted to do for a while.  We usually go to the reservoir once a week. The kids love to go. …

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Jul 29

Sweet Reward

Cold Stone had a sweet reading incentive. Ice Cream!! I mean really, can it get better than that?  I picked up a bookmark for each of the kids at the beginning of summer. They had to read 5 books. Only 5!! The younger kids have read way more than that but it took the older …

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Jul 28


A slip-n-slide is another way we stay cool around here. Our neighbor across the street gave it to Ammon one Saturday at the beginning of summer when he was having a yard sale. Apparently Ammon told our neighbor that his Mom never buys fun things like slip-n-slides! He took pity on Ammon and gave it …

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Jul 27

Smartie Pants

Tori is my little smartie pants. She is at such a fun copying age. She says whatever last word is said. She can get lots of things for me. She even puts away clothes for me. Today she amazed me. She was watching me make dinner. I had a can of green beans on the …

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Jul 26


We celebrated Pioneer Day on Saturday by going to the fireworks that night! The fireworks started way later than I would have liked them to so Britain and Ariana slept through them. They were beautiful. I love watching fireworks.    We stayed up way late, but I was so proud of the kids because the …

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Jul 24

Fiesta Days Parade

Right now Fiesta Days is going on in Spanish Fork. We went to the parade this morning with our good friends! It was warm but it was a lot of fun!! I loved the Civil War actors. They shot off their guns and canon right in front of us! Tori had a good time watching …

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Jul 22

Feeding the Ducks

We went to feed the ducks last week. It surprised me that everyone liked this activity!!     Meet George! Zoe liked him because he has a mohawk! She would only feed him!    Tori's first experience with ducks was a little scary. She loved feeding them and would get as close to the edge as she …

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Jul 21

Cute Little Ari Girl!

Ariana has been cracking me lately! I decided I needed to write some down so I will remember. Adam, Ariana and I were driving in the car, just the three of us. Adam and I were talking about the kids and what they did and didn't do at similar ages. Ariana sticks her head to …

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Jul 15


The kids love playing at park. I need to take them more. We went last week and it was such a beautiful day I couldn't help but get the camera out and snap a few pictures! Love this picture!       Ariana is getting very brave and can climb to the top now!   …

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Jul 14


"Can I play in the water?" this is a question I hear daily, multiple times if I don't say yes the first time. Monday I told Britain yes when she asked and off she ran to recruit all the other kids. There were lots of yes's and dooring slamming. It quieted down once everyone was …

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