Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 30

July 4th Art

The kids did a fun art project today for the Fourth of July. It is called cookie cutter art. I got the idea here. We used star cookie cutters and blue and red finger paint. I put the paint on a cookie sheet so it couldn't run anywhere but there is also plenty of room …

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Jun 29

Ammon’s Last Game

Ammon had his last baseball game tonight. He did great, as always! I can't wait to watch him next year in the older division! He is so fun to watch! I love when he plays catcher because he gets to wear all that gear!       Ammon is one of the best hitters on …

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Jun 28

Happy 628 Day!

Today is 628 Day. June 28th! It is always a special day in our house for reason's mentioned here. Every year Adam sends out an email to all his friends and family. This year it was such a good message that I had to pass it along. Sorry if you already got it but it …

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Jun 26

My little business man

Ammon brought home about 30 tootsie pops from school on the last day. He set up a stand out front and sold them all for $0.25 each. He then used that money to buy more tootsie pops and Laffy Taffy, which he then sold out front. Next he decided to sell snow cones. Nik helped him make …

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Jun 24

Tin Foil Art

I did a fun art project with the kids this week called tine foil art. All you need is a piece of card board covered in tin foil, glue and tissue paper all cut up. The kids loved painting the tin foil with glue and sticking piece of tissue paper on it!       …

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Jun 23

Jumping Bean

The kids spend a lot of time outside jumping and playing on the trampoline! That is one of the best things we have ever bought. Last month Zoe taught Tori how to jump, actually jump on the trampoline.      She loves dragging someone out there to play with her. It is the cutest sight! …

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Jun 22

(No title)

My Mom came for a visit last week. She came to surprise Marci at her baby shower! It was a great surprise with tears and all. She was able to spend the week with us and we had a great time.  She was able to go watch the boys' baseball games!     We went out to …

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Jun 21

Happy Father’s Day!

I know, I know I am behind! That is the story of my life:)! I couldn't let to much time pass before telling my husband how great he is! He is the best Daddy! He always has time to play with the kids whether it is a card game, watching a cartoon, or making faces …

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Jun 16

Painting Rocks

Michelle always has the best projects for the kids. She has been painting more rocks lately. She painted Adam a rhino to go in the garden.   She painted a rock for Point Hueneme Lighthouse! Amazing!   She thought it would be fun to let the kids paint a rock too. So she painted 7rocks …

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Jun 15

Books On Tape

Adam's Mom gave us all her books on tape for the kids the last time we were there. The younger kids love listening to them!   There are lots of fun stories!   We listen to a few daily!   Thanks Mom for sharing with us!!   

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