Monthly Archive: April 2010

Apr 29

Cute Dress

I love handing clothes down through the girls. It always brings back lots of memories. Tori wore one of those dresses on Sunday! Adam's Mom gave this one to Britain for Easter when she was one! I love this dress with it's little kerchief!   I love that crooked little smile!   And her cute little curlies coming out …

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Apr 28

Pinewood Derby

Tonight Ammon had his first ever Pinewood Derby Race. Before making his car Adam asked him if he wanted a cool car or a fast car. Ammon picked cool which shocked me, because Ammon likes to be the fastest. After tonight I would have to say that he had the coolest car there and I …

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Apr 27


This is my 628th blog! Crazy, I know!!! This post can only be dedicated to Adam!! If you know Adam at all you know he likes the number 628. Maybe obsessed is more like it. It is his two favorite numbers put together.  It was on our wedding announcement.  It is on his office door. He …

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Apr 22

Page Turners

I found the cutest book blog called Little Page Turners. This lady reads a book with her daughters and then does a craft that goes along with the book. It is such a cute idea. It is the perfect activity to do with Ariana in the afternoon when everyone else is at school. The first …

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Apr 20

Flowers andSunglasses

Spring is here!! It is beautiful outside and we love it! The girls have done super cute spring art at school. So cute!     The sun is so bright everyone needs sunglasses! Nik picked these up at a yard sale and loves them!   Ari likes to borrow Mommy's!   And Tori will stick …

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Apr 19


The kids have lots of funny ways of going down the stairs. This is their latest way revisited! Tori loves it and usually laughs and laughs but she was distracted by trying to "cheese" for the camera!

Apr 15

Little Helper

Tori is starting to be a cute little helper! She loves to copy what anyone does! It is usually very funny. Here she is trying to BBQ like her Daddy!   During spring break I cleaned out her room and washed her walls and stuff. I left the cleaner and rag to go do something …

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Apr 14

Dog Lover

Sometimes I like our Maisey dog and other times she is just a bug! But my kids love her! She is a good dog and lets them maul her.  Pictures like this one just melt my heart!   That is Ariana all cuddle up sleeping with Maisey! Gotta love that girl and her dog!!! 

Apr 13

Play Dough

We played with play dough a number of times during spring break! The best thing was that we made it ourselves!! The girls had a lot of fun with that. We made a kool-aid flavored one so it smell so good. Maybe not a good idea for my play-dough eating little Ariana!       …

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Apr 12

Art Show

We survived spring break last week and everybody is back to the normal routine! I miss having nothing to do but it is nice to be more structured again. Since the kids had no school we took the time to go to Michelle's art show. Michelle is my sister in law and an amazing artist. …

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