Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 31

Shopping Cart

Ariana had a friend come over today and play. Everybody had a great time being "Mom" and pushing Tori around in a little plastic shopping cart! She loves it too.   Tori's "cheese" face is too funny! She is saying cheese the whole time too!   Tori's hair is all pulled back into one ponytail! …

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Mar 30


Today I let Tori play in a sink full of bubbles! She had a blast and got soaked!     I tried to show her how to blow bubbles with a straw but she would just suck! Gross!   She thought it was pretty funny though and splash big getting water and bubbles all over …

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Mar 29

BYU Basketball

My sister Marie's basketball season ended with a loss on Saturday! They had a great run. It has been so fun being close to her and being able to watch her play a few times. I found these shots of her on facebook and had to post them for my Mom. They are pretty cool! …

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Mar 26

Reading Part 2

I took this video of Britain reading about three weeks ago. She flew through the book! I can already see an improvement between then and today when I read with her! It is amazing! Please excuse Adam's yelling, but it is cute to listen to him call Tori and hear her answer him! This video …

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Mar 25

Story Time

I love to read! Adam loves to read! I have always hoped that my kids would love to read also. Some days they do and some days they don't. But they do read and they read everyday for at least 30 minutes! This year I have seen an explosion in the improvement of reading. It …

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Mar 24

Go Green!

My sister, Marci and her husband Kenny are having a baby!! I am so excited for them! She is due on August 5! They wanted to find out what the baby was and Marci had a great idea. She planned a Green and Purple Party. The plan was that she would go to the ultrasound …

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Mar 23


Last week Ammon had a field trip. I was gone the night before and he was a little worried about his lunch the next day. Nik let him leave me a  note on the white board.  Health conscious kid I am raising there, huh?! 

Mar 18

I Forgot!!!

How could I forget to post my cute decorations?! I have been waiting all month to do this and I forgot!  So here there are. I made these from an idea for summer ones I got here! I love them! They always make me smile!    I didn't do it exactly like she did but …

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Mar 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We had a fun fun day here wearing green and watching for leprechauns! It started with Adam's making green Cream Of Wheat for breakfast and everyone wearing green, of course! Britain and Kalixta wanted to make a leprechaun trap. Adam helped them set it. They got a treasure chest and put fake gold coins in it. …

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Mar 16

Vitamin L

We recently read a story as a family that talked about Vitamin L.  Vitamin L  stands for Love. The story is about a little girl, Lacy, who has a hard time always being nice to her little sister. Her Dad challenges Lacy to remember to be like Jesus and love her little sister even when …

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