Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 29

Flag Ceremony

Ammon's den, the Wolf's, did the flag ceremony at Pack Meeting Wednesday night. He got to carrying in and out the American flag. The whole den did a good job! They had practiced and they were ready!    I felt so odd taking pictures, like it isn't allowed or something! And I missed when he …

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Jan 27


Ammon finally lost his two front teeth! They have been hanging on by a thread and it finally happened. The first one came out Monday as he lay in bed going to sleep. Yesterday we told him just wiggle wiggle wiggle that tooth so it will come out. I am a chicken when it comes …

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Jan 26


It was supposed to snow all last week! I was thrilled! I love the snow and was looking forward to sledding this weekend. But there was little snow! It was very disappointing! So when I was blog stalking and came across these super cute snowmen I had to make them! They best thing was that I …

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Jan 23


Snoopy!    Ariana loves to play dog. She crawls around and barks instead of using words. I remember the other kids doing it but not as much as Ariana. She even named herself! First she called herself Sid (Marci and Kenny's dog) then she called herself Bella (Jason and Jaime's dog) finally Adam showed her …

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Jan 20

Balloon Fun

I blew up about 50 balloons for the girls on their birthday! They woke up to find them scattered all over the living room! Why is it that when balloons are around they must be stuffed under clothes? This always happens at my house. It's inevitable and hilarious!! Jordan wore the perfect pants for stuffing …

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Jan 19

Fashion Show

Sunday afternoon Kalixta asked me, "If we get clothes for our birthday can we have a fashion show?" Of course!! I love fashion shows! As a funny side note: Ammon has to write a sentence for each of his spelling words each week. Today he wrote I am going to a fashion show. The spelling …

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Jan 18

Happy 6th Birthday!!

Britain and Kalixta turned 6 today!! SO hard to believe they are growing up so fast! We celebrated yesterday with a dinner they picked. Kalixta wanted frog egg salad and Britain wanted Bacon-wrapped cocktail sausages! So delicious! So I add chicken roll ups so there was a little nutrition and it was a great dinner! …

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Jan 17

I Am A Child Of God

Ariana learned at church that she is a child of God. Her teachers made her a cute crown that she came home with.    Zoe thought that each of the girls should have one!     Even Tori! She loved it and wore for about 5 whole minutes!    Aren't big sisters the BEST!!!!    

Jan 15

Night Time!

Tori loves to get into all my containers and cupboards. She will sit in or on top, whatever it doesn't matter. She loves them all. On top!   Inside!   In trouble!   Going to bed?!   This container is under Ariana's bed. Sometimes Ariana will sleep in it. One night the girls put Tori …

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Jan 14


I haven't been posting this week because nothing much has been going on! Just life. Life that is busy and loud and crazy but so far this week not too interesting!     I did have a funny conversation with Ariana this morning that made me laugh. The whole family was at the table this …

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