Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 12

Santa Clause!

Tonight Santa came to our church's Christmas dinner! We had a great time eating as our friends shared their many talents! It was a great evening and then to top it all off everybody visited with Santa! Santa was wonderful!  Ariana was first and was as brave as can be! She climbed on his lap …

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Dec 11

Crayons and Coloring

Britain, Kalixta, and Ariana love to color and draw pictures. They would spend all their extra time coloring if I would let them. Recently I let Tori color too. And she loves it!     Only problem is now when she finds a pen, pencil, or crayon on the floor she colors on the wall …

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Dec 10

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Let it Snow! It has been snowing like crazy here! I love it!! It has also been crazy cold. But I can stand that. The kids love the snow! They have been outside every extra minute on the day. Nik took Tori out yesterday so she could experience the snow for herself for the first time. He …

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Dec 05

Ammon’s Baptism

Ammon got baptized today. It was a great day. He looked so handsome. He was so excited!   Adam and Ammon in front of the font   The girls have been so excited all week long. Britain and Kalixta can't wait until it is their turn!   My boys!   All our Utah family made …

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Dec 03

I Love Nativities!

I love getting my nativities out the day after Thanksgiving. Nativities are an amazing way to remember the meaning of Christmas. They are beautiful in all there different shapes, sizes and designs! I love my nativities! They are just perfect! I have a beautiful one in the center of our living room. Everybody knows not to touch it! …

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Dec 01

Antique Store

My Dad is really into antique shopping. He'll try to blame in on my Mom but I think he enjoys it more. He likes to find old tools and things that he remembers from his childhood. He quizzes us about what his new treasures are or what they were used for. It was perfect when he found …

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