Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 14

Hill Aerospace Museum

Adam took a group of young men to the Hill Aerospace Museum at the Hill Air Force Base up by Ogden. Nik tagged along and they had a great time. They played a flying game.   There was lots of cool airplanes!     A seat out of an old airplane!     There was …

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Nov 12

What’s Cooking?!

Did you miss last week's recipe? I did too! I just had so many other fun things to post about, but it's back! These are Adam's new favorite cookie! Adam's job should have been a taste taster! He has a great sense of what tastes go together and all that foodie stuff! Sometimes it makes …

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Nov 11

School Pictures

School pictures came this week! I love cutting the pictures apart and writing on the back. I enjoy putting them into the piles to send to family. But most of all I love changing my wall!  Behind the current picture are all the past pictures so when I change the picture I get to look …

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Nov 09


Friday night we got home late. I wanted all the kids to kneel down to say prayers before they got into their pj's. Everyone was ready but Kalixta was missing. We waited a minute or two and then I went downstairs to find her. She was curled up in bed already. Me: "Kalixta come upstairs …

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Nov 06

Who do YOU see in this clip?

Adam sent this to me today with the subject "Who do YOU see in this clip?" I see me! I am so impatient with others I don't know! I want everything to be fair and get irritated when I have to wait too long or can't get what I need or have to drive behind …

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Nov 03

Jeffy and Kylie

Jeff and Kylie drove here just for the Halloween weekend! We love having them here so much and miss them tons already! They are lots of fun and lots of help!   This is the second year they have been here for Halloween and I hope the tradition continues because I can't picture Halloween without …

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Nov 01


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had a blast, got lots of candy and made lots of memories! Tori was a little devil girl! Ariana was a nice baby tiger!. My Mom made this costume like 30 years ago! I love when my kids wear it! She loved getting candy.    Marci did an …

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