Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 30

BYU Basketball

While my parents were here we went to Marie's basketball game. It is fun watching Marie and being in the huge Marriott Center! It was a great game even though BYU lost! The girls saw Cosmo! Tori was in awe!   Tori and Grandma!   Ari is watching for Marie to come out after the …

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Nov 26


We had a wonderful feast today. It was great to be surrounded by so much family.   Everybody helped make food! It was all fantastic!  This was Tori's first Thanksgiving eating dinner. Shes loves meat and veggies. She was enjoying the food so much she couldn't stop for a picture!   Then she was ready …

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Nov 25

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

My family drove up for Thanksgiving week. We were so excited to be together for Thanksgiving. Then my brother Jason, who coaches at Weber State, found out that his team has a playoff game Saturday. They are leaving at 2:00 pm tomorrow! Bummer! His wife Jaime is going with him so there is no way …

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Nov 24

Pilgrims and an Indian

The kids had their Thanksgiving feasts at school today! Having my Pilgrims and Indian come home all dressed up was super cute!       

Nov 23

Tori’s walking

Tori took her first steps a few weeks ago and has been practicing everyday. The kids love to get her to walk to them. They are very proud of her. The last two days her walking has exploded! She walks every where she wants now. She only crawls if she falls down and needs something …

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Nov 21

Airplane Ride

A few Saturdays ago Adam and Nik were helping with an Eagle project at our local airport. A friend that was there too owns a small plane and told them he would take them up in it. They had an amazing time. The pilot flew like a roller coaster dropping down fast and I think …

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Nov 19

What’s Cooking?!

I made this yummy, quick dessert for Adam one day. I put lots of peanuts because that's the way he likes it! It wasn't his favorite but I would make it again and he would eat it along with everyone else   I got the recipe from Real Mom Kitchen Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert 19 …

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Nov 18

Nik’s Photo Shoot

I need an updated picture on Nik to put on my wall so we went outside yesterday and took a few shots. He was a good sport and took some good pictures! Bet you can tell which poses were his idea!            

Nov 17

Marshmallow Men

We picked up a kids magazine from the grocery store last week. In it was a marshmallow man kinda like on Ghostbusters. The kids decided we needed to make shmarshmallow men! After a few days of reminding me to get marshmallows we had a blast making shmarshmallow (No typo, this is how Ariana says it!) men!   …

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Nov 16

Gobble Gobble!

Did you know that female turkeys cluck but they cannot gobble? Just an interesting second grade fact!  Sunday we made our annual thankful turkeys. The kids had been asking when we were going to make them! I am glad they remember and like this tradition because I LOVE it! I totally forgot to take pictures last …

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