Monthly Archive: October 2009

Oct 30

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkin tonight. We had a house full and had so much fun! I love watching all the kids!                     Happy Halloween!!!

Oct 29

Just Because

Zoe loves to take pictures and video's. Anytime something is cute or funny she is there to capture it. I am so glad she got this!  

Oct 28

Pack Night

Ammon participated in his first pack night for Cub Scouts tonight. And he earned his Bobcat.   The tradition in our pack on a cub scout's first pack meeting, is to "brand" them a member of troop 1526. The cub master puts a tarp on the ground, puts on gloves and goggles. The whole time …

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Oct 27

Crazy Hair Day

We love crazy hair day in this house. Ammon plans all month for it. He was so mad that school pictures were the day before crazy hair day because he had to get a hair cut! He felt his hair was too short to be crazy enough, but we worked it out! He loved his …

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Oct 26

Ariana’s Black Eye

Last Tuesday all the girls were playing in their room when Ari started crying. I was making dinner so I just waited for her to come to me. Nik brings her up freaking out a little about how she really hurt herself. Well, she gave herself one heck of a shiner! The story is that …

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Oct 24


Adam went shooting this morning with the young men. I am a little jealous I didn't get to go! He had a great time!    

Oct 23

Mason Jar Lanterns

While looking around blogs and website for Tori's cake I found the cutest Halloween craft on Our Best Bites. Our family loves Halloween and I can't get enough decorations. This craft looked easy so after we went to the pumpkin patch everyone came to the house and we made Mason Jar Lanterns! Check them out! …

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Oct 22

Pumpkin Patch

I love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. Every year is a new adventure! Our family rule for pumpkin picking is: you have to pick up your own pumpkin and carry to the picture spot! This way you can only get a huge pumpkin if you can pick it up.  Tori is the exception …

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Oct 21

First Birthday Pictures!

Marci and Kenny always have the birthday kid spend the night at their house and then they do something fun with them the next day. Since Tori is too young to spend the night they decided to take her to get her pictures taken for her birthday! Marci and I went last week. Tori never …

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Oct 20

She’s 1?!

My sweet little Tori turns one today! Oh where has the year gone?! It is amazing to watch her grow and change. I took her to the doctor today. She got seven shots!! (The kids all said I was so mean to take her to the doctor on her birthday!) She is right around the …

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