Monthly Archive: August 2009

Aug 31

Dress up!

Zoe has such a fun personality! She is a very happy girl and shows it by tons of loud laughing! She tries hard and can make anyone laugh. When her friends are around, forget it! The laughing is out of control! I love the fun she brings to our family! One evening she came up …

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Aug 30


Nik had his first football game yesterday! He is on the Eagles! They lost so it was a hard game to watch. He could be more aggressive and hustle more. He plays on defense and offense "blocking" as he calls it. I think maybe he needs some one on one caoching from his Uncle Jason …

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Aug 27

Happy Anniversary!!

Adam's Dad and Mom are celebrating their 43rd anniversary today!! So amazing!! Congrats Mom and Dad! You both are amazing examples! Thank you! I love you both very much!!!  Congratulation!!

Aug 26

Soccer Season has Begun!!

Today was Ammon and Zoe's first soccer games!! They have been excited to play! Ammon and Zoe play on the same days, Wednesdays and Fridays almost always 30 minutes apart. I will have to choose which game to watch which really sucks! Ammon has the best coach, his Aunt Marci!! That helps me a ton …

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Aug 25

Pool Party

Saturday we drove to Ogden where Jason and Jaime live to celebrate Jaime and Marci's birthdays! We hung out at the swimming pool the whole afternoon. The kids were in the water for about 6 hours!! They had so much fun! Tori loved floating around the pool splashing herself! Jordan is amazingly strong! More splashing! …

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Aug 24

Daddys are so Special!

We love Daddy lots!

Aug 21

Life in this house

…is never boring. Whenever I talk with my Mom she asks what is new. I always say nothing and can then think of all these funny, strange, or disgusting things that have happened. Even though I feel like we do the same thing everyday is different too. Here are two examples. This is Ariana wearing …

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Aug 19

First Day of School

Everybody had their first day of school today! NIk started 7th grade. He is in the same school, but he does change classes! He said it was confusing to have so many classes! I think it will get better though and he will love it!  Zoe is in 4th grade! She loves her teacher and …

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Aug 17

Family Night

We are still guy-less over here. They will be back (hopefully) late tonight! I wanted to do something fun with the girls. I borrowed an idea I read on a friend's blog a while ago. It was super fun. They even asked if we could do it next week! I took them all to the …

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Aug 16

4th Annual Back to School Fashion Show

School is starting this Wednesday! I am shocked! I don't know where my summer went but it is gone. Tonight we held our annual back to school fashion show! I didn't want to do it without the guys but the show must go on. In case you are new to the blog or forgot every …

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