Monthly Archive: June 2009

Jun 30

Play Ball!

More baseball! Nik's team took first in the regular season and tonight won their second game of the tournament! They play Thursday and then again Tuesday for either first, second or third place. Nik had an awesome game tonight. He pitched three inning and only had one hit which he threw to first for the …

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Jun 29


The weather has been weird this summer. We have had LOTS of rain. I don't mind. It keeps things on the cool side, gives us rainbows and the thunder and lightening storms here are awesome! The cooler weather has also given me the chance to dress Tori up in this cute hoodie that my mother …

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Jun 25


The kids wanted to do something fun. I remembered a friend of mine traced her son's shadow on the sidewalk with chalk and he colored it in. It looked like such a fun activity but I didn't have chalk. I do have a HUGE roll of butcher paper left over from Jordan and Michelle's wedding. …

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Jun 24

Kindergarten Days at the Doctor

Today I took Britain and Kalixta to kindergarten days at the doctor. It is the doctor's fun way of getting kids ready for kindergarten by getting their shots, vision test and other tests done. The first thing the girls were ask to do was pee in a cup. It was hilarious listening to them discuss …

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Jun 22


We played tennis today for family night! It was fun and frustrating! I am not good, hence the frustrating part. Adam impressed me with his tennis skills! Kenny and Marci came and had fun with us! They bought Jesse, Clayton and Levi! They had a good time too! The kids had a blast!

Jun 21

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to the father's in our lives:

Jun 18

Sleepy Time

Britain, Kalixta and Ariana were playing a game. They each filled a laundry basket with blankets and pillows and were pretending to sleep and then wake up. They were downstairs for a good hour before Britain and Kalixta came up. They told me Ariana was really asleep in the laundry basket and I needed to …

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Jun 17


Nik is really having a great year in baseball. He is pitching well. He has a number of strike out this year. He also plays catcher and is really good. He is hitting really well too. He has only struck out once or twice in the last thirty times at bat. He gets good solid …

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Jun 15

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everyone.Yes, I know it was yesterday, but we celebrated it today. You see, in this part of the good state of Utah the Boy Scouts of America put a flag in everyone's yards. They use it as a fundraiser but will put a flag in your yard either way. I love how …

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Jun 13

Hot Air Balloons

Yesterday we all woke up at 5:30 to go to a hot air balloon festival. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little nervous that we would get up so early for nothing. All my worrying was for nothing. We had so much fun. We got to the park at 6:30 as …

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