Monthly Archive: March 2009

Mar 31

Green Dinosaurs

Britain and Kalixta made dinosaurs this week at school. Britain said to be sure to put a picture on the computer so that "my Grandmas" can see! So here so go Grandmas! I took three pictures and then asked Britain is she just wanted to smile. She said, "No, this is better!"

Mar 28

I Do It Myself!!

Potty training is going great! Ariana rarely has any accidents. Now she wants to go to the potty by herself. She does great at going, but she has to do it herself. This is her favorite phrase. She has to do it all! Put her shoes on, by herself! Get into her chair, by herself! …

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Mar 27


I am not a cat person. I don't like cats and will never own a cat. BUT… This cat is just too, too Cute!

Mar 26

Final Day of Paper Mache

Our last night making our Easter eggs we painted them. This was a much anticipated night. The kids drew out what they wanted their eggs to look like. Britain counted down the days until Sunday. Finally it came and we all had a blast. Here we are painting! This girl's tongue is always hanging out. …

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Mar 25

Paper Mache Day 2

After we waited a couple days for the eggs to dry we painted them white. We had to do that so you wouldn' t see the newspaper under all the pretty colors. Everybody LOVED painting the eggs! After this day Britain was counting down the days until we put color on them. She was so …

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Mar 24

Paper Mache Day 1

I am so lucky! I have a art teacher as a sister in law! Michelle had the great idea to make paper mache eggs. The kids all had a BLAST. I think everyone had a BLAST!! This will definitely be a new tradition around here!! I got so many fun pictures I will have to …

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Mar 23

Happy Day

Today was a good day!  Hope yours was just as great!

Mar 21


Ariana has an amazing imagination! She entertains herself really well. Her favorite game is "friend." She plays "friend" with anything. Carrot sticks, silver ware, french fries, toys really anything. The friends talk to each other. They fight. They play. They bother each other. She loves when some one plays with her. It is so fun to …

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Mar 20

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of spring and it feels like it here. This whole week has been beautiful. Everybody is in short sleeves and flip flops! It is great. The best part in the kids play outside ALL day long!  Today was like that. Tori even got out there and enjoyed the warm air! …

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Mar 19

The Chunk!!

Adam calls Tori The Chunk and with good reason. Check out those thighs!! There are so cute I just love to squeeze and kiss them! Nikolas got the high chair down for Tori to sit in. She loves to sit up and see everything that is going on. She is looking so big!! On a …

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