Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 28

A Good Day

Today was such a good day. I was able to accomplish so many things. Some Saturdays I feel like I work in circles and get nothing done. Today was not like that. Yippee! I set up Tori's crib in Ammon's room. She has been in a bassinet in my room. She is too big for the …

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Feb 27

I Love To See the Temple

We all went down to the open house of the Draper Temple. Before a temple is dedicated anyone can go through. I thought it would be a wonderful experience to take the kids through to see the inside of the temple. Nik, Zoe, and Ammon already went through two other temples, but this was Ari, …

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Feb 26

Vision Boards

We all sat down at the beginning of the year and wrote down some of our goals. This year Adam had the great idea of turning our goals into pictures and putting them on poster boards. We made our vision boards. These are great for so many reasons. The kids can now "see" there goals. …

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Feb 25


As a little girl I felt surrounded by boys. I had an older brother and 3 younger ones. Most of my cousins around me were boys. I was a tom boy and fit in but I wanted a baby sister so bad. I wanted a girl to hang out with and share clothes and secrets …

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Feb 24

Dr. Suess

It seems the older the kids get the bigger the projects for school get. I don't mind some of them. It beats the math homework that Nik does every night.  Zoe had to do a biography book report. She had to dress up as the person and had to do a first person presentation. Off …

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Feb 23

Squeeze Fudge

Tonight for Family Night we watched a movie and made squeeze fudge. My Mom sent me the recipe and it sounded to fun and yummy to pass up. We had a good time passing it around. Zoe and Ammon started the squeezing. Britain continued it. This is what it looked like in the end. Squeeze …

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Feb 22

4 Months

People always ask me who Tori looks like. I can never tell who babies look like unless it is totally obvious. This includes my own kids!  At first I thought Tori looked like Zoe. As she has gotten bigger I don't know. I still thought she looked more like Britain and Zoe than Kalixta or …

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Feb 20

It Starts!

So it has started! Love notes to Ammon. Nik got all the way to fifth grade before the notes started! But not Ammon! He started this week! First Grade! What?! Zoe got into the car yesterday popping with news, but she "can't tell me." "I promised I wouldn't tell!" she said. We get home and …

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Feb 16

How could I forget….

….Adam's other Valentines!! Thanks for the reminder Angel, I almost forgot!

Feb 15

Valetines Day

I realize that I haven't posted in a while (hee hee a whole two days!), but it is hard to follow a sweet post like the last one. Thanks for all your nice words of Congrats and a huge thanks to my sweet Valentine! He really is the best! I adore him and can't imagine …

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