Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 21

Zoe’s Blanket

Zoe got a fleece, Cinderella make it yourself blanket for her birthday. All the material was there she just had to cut and tie it together. She loves fleece blankets and couldn't wait to do this project.  Here she is working on it! The final project. Zoe is a crafty person. She loves to doodle …

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Jan 20

Mommy’s little Helper

The kids had no school Friday or Monday. So we spent the Friday cleaning! Yes, they were so excited! We cleaned all the drawers, cupboards, walls, and counters in the kitchen. They were a great help even with all the complaining. I really appreciated all they did. It would have taken me much longer. Monday I …

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Jan 19

Sunday Dinner

We were thrilled that Jason and Jaime were able to come visit us on Sunday. Jason just got hired at Weber State to be the quarterback coach. We are so excited for him, and even more excited that they were able to move back to Utah. They are about 1 1/2 hours away from us …

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Jan 18

Happy Birthday Kalixta and Britain

Today is Kalixta and Britain's fifth birthday. 5! They are getting so big!! They have been waiting for this day for a long time. Hopefully is was as great as they wanted.  They got lots of great presents. (Thanks everyone!) They were so funny opening presents. Kalixta opened presents so fast. (So shocking! Kalixta is …

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Jan 17

L is for Lion & Lollipops!

One of the letters in preschool this month is L. Britain and Kalixta showing off their lions and lollipops.   They also learned about clowns and the circus. Ariana showing off Britain and Kalixta's clowns!

Jan 16

Finally, Ammon lost some teeth!

Ammon is half way through first grade and finally lost some teeth, but it isn't his bottom teeth! Last week he went to dentist to have some cavities filled and the dentist told me there was no point filling the cavities. He said it was better to just pull the teeth out. So he did. …

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Jan 15

Saying Good bye to Oxnard

No matter how many times we go to and leave Oxnard it doesn't make it any easier. It is hard to say good bye to everyone we love to much. This time we said "See you soon!" We will be back in Oxnard for another wedding in April. Yeah Nick and Donna!! This is Adam's …

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Jan 14


The reception was so much fun! I am almost done blogging about this day! We had such a good time it is hard to leave anything out. Michelle and her family did a beautiful job on the tables. I had heard ideas about the table and decorations for months so it was fun to see it …

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Jan 13

Ring Ceremony

Jordan and Michelle had a ring ceremony before the reception. Nik stood in the front with the other groomsmen. He had the hardest time just standing there. He twisted and fidgeted and watch the golfers going by. It was funny to watch. He is getting so big! Zoe dropped flowers down the aisle. She giggled …

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Jan 12

Group Shots

Michelle and Jordan had a really great photographer who took lots of pictures. We were all there early to do group shots with the bride and groom.Kylie was my photographer and took pictures for me. Here are some of my favorites! The whole clan! Jason and Jaime were the only ones not there due to …

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