Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 31


We all went sledding today. There was plenty of snow and sun shine! The perfect combination!  Ari had a blast! Last year she didn't like sledding. Totally different this year! She was so fun! When asked if she wanted to go down she would say no, but as soon as someone got ready to go …

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Jan 30

Fancy Up Do

I absolutely love the way Zoe's hair was at the wedding so here are some close ups. Marci pulled it all back into a ponytail and curled all the hair. Then using bobby pins she pinned some of the curls to make it fuller and pretty! The results were gorgeous!! A trick we learned when …

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Jan 29


Adam went to a school assembly today honoring science. At the end of the assembly the science fair winners were announced. Zoe got 2nd place in grades k-3! She was so pleased. She said she saw Adam before but she didn't put it together! I am so proud of her. She got a medal and …

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Jan 28

Potty Time

I started potty training Ari last week. The first days were ROUGH, but I think she is getting it. She had only a few accidents the last few days! She started telling me when she has to go!  She hasn't went poop yet though. That is the hardest part! Hopefully tomorrow.  She has the cutest …

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Jan 27

Super Student

Ammon got super student of the month today! I didn't even know he was getting it! I am so proud of Ammon! His teacher always has great things to say about him. He is a great student, always does his best, is nice to everyone, and does what he is suppose to when he is …

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Jan 26

Snow Day

I got my wish! It snowed all day yesterday and all night. We now have so much snow. When I went out to start the car I really realized how much snow was out there. Adam had to snow plow so he could get out of the driveway! No Joke! This is how deep the …

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Jan 25


Tori has thrush. She hasn't been fussy or bad, thank goodness. I called the doctor and he said to try something called Gentian Violet before bringing her in for a prescription. Just like it's name this stuff is violet. It turns everything purple. Tori's mouth, clothes, chin and my clothes and skin. It is pretty …

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Jan 24

Ari’s First Haircut

I finally took Ari to get her hair cut. I found this fun place not too far away. They specialize in princess so it was the perfect place for Ari! Here are the befores. Ariana had a blast at the salon drinking princess hot chocolate (it was pink with whip cream and pink sprinkles) and …

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Jan 23

Science Projects

Zoe, Ammon, and Nik all had the option of doing a science project. I, being the mean mom that I am, made them each do one! In the end they all had fun with the experiment part and hopefully learned a little bit. Ammon and I had fun trying to mix oil and water. We …

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Jan 22

Ari sized Snowmen

Today it rain. Weird I think for it to rain in the middle of winter. Snow! I want snow! We haven't had snow since the first week in January. There is snow everywhere but it is the ugly snow. The black, dirty snow. I want clean fresh white snow! I think everyone in this house …

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