Monthly Archive: December 2008

Dec 31

New Blog!

We are really enjoy the great weather in Califonia and having lots of fun with family and friends! I haven't figured out how to down load pictures to this computer yet so I can't do a wedding blog yet. But Jordan and Michelle's wedding was wonnderful. Michelle looked gorgeous. The day was perfect. I will …

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Dec 28

Fancy Hair

I have been practicing fancy hair dos for the wedding. Here is a possibility. This is the top. This is the bottom. And a side view! This took a long time and Kalixta was a great help. She was so still and patient. So what do you think?

Dec 27


We had a great Christmas! This is before! And After! Here's all the kids and their bounty except Ammon. Poor boy I forgot to get a picture of him until everything was put away! He was really excited about his awesome plane! An hour or so after we finished Britain asked, "So is it time …

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Dec 26

Merry Christmas!

Oops! I forgot to post this cute video.  We had two sets of carolers come to our house and sing. Then Britain and Kalixta in their school classes went caroling to houses near their school. They sang a song to me on the door step and they were the cutest carolers we had!

Dec 25

The Reason for the Season!

Merry Christmas!

Dec 24

Christmas Pajamas

The kids get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It is their Christmas pajamas! They all look so cute! Thanks Grandma!!

Dec 23

The 12 Days of Christmas

We count down the 12 days of Christmas with presents. Each present is some sort of yummy treat with a scripture on it. The scripture represents a gift that  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have given us. The kids take turns picking a present. We read the scripture and the kids guess what the gift …

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Dec 20

2 Months!

It is hard to believe Tori is two months. The time has flown by. The last three months of pregnancy last forever and then the first few months with a baby fly. Tori is fussier than I remember the other kids being. She likes to be awake in the evening and if she's awake she …

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Dec 19

Christmas Programs

Both Nik and Zoe had Christmas programs this week. Nik had one Tuesday night in which he played the Saxophone. This is the group of sixth grade students he plays with. Zoe had a play today. It was very entertaining. She got to choose which stuffed animal she wanted to dress like. She picked a …

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Dec 18

Cougar Pants!

My Mom sent these pants to Ari. She calls them her cougar pants and she loves them! Can you tell we live near BYU?!

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