Monthly Archive: November 2008

Nov 12

Bridal Shower

My brother Jordan is getting married in Dec to an amazing lady. Michelle is a sweetheart. And super talented! We all love her so much and can't wait until she is officially part of the family. I say officially because it feels like she already is. Last Thursday was her shower at Olive Garden. We …

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Nov 11

Dentist Appointment

Ariana had her first dentist appointment today. We have talked about going to the dentist and practiced opening her mouth and counting all her teeth. She was so excited to go. She sat so still for the xrays, waited patiently for Britain and Kalixta to finish having their teeth cleaned and then climbed up into …

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Nov 10

BYU Women’s Basketball

My little sister Marie plays on BYU's women's basketball team. At her game Saturday she got some playing time. She made a 3-pointer and had a defensive rebound. Marci took some great pictures for me to post. I know this is a little blurry, but this is her 3-point shot. She is number 31! We …

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Nov 09

A Special Bond!

My brothers and sister enjoy teasing each other about who is the favorite aunt or uncle. Marci feels that since she was there when Tori was born she has a very special bond with her. Halloween night when everyone was here Marci was changing Tori's clothes and diaper. She had Tori on her lap when …

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Nov 07


Nik had his surgery yesterday to remove his tonsils, adenoids, and turbinates. He has been very nervous about having surgery, not even the bribe of missing school and getting tons of ice cream made him feel better! He did great though. It was a very long day. We got to the hospital at 9:30. He …

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Nov 06

My new Nephew

I have a new nephew. My SIL had a cute baby boy a few days after I had Tori! Welcome to the family Marqus! Congrats Rhea and Diane! We love you all!

Nov 04

Jeff and Kylie

My brother Jeff and his girlfriend Kylie drove up from CA to visit for Halloween weekend. Jeff lived with us for a while last year and the kids have really missed him. Having a new niece and Halloween were good excuses to visit. I loved having them here! They were so much fun and the …

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Nov 02

Candy Candy Candy

Usually I take all the candy Halloween night, put it all together, hide it and give everyone one or two pieces a day. This year the three older kids protested. They didn't want me to mix the candy. Well I did anyway, but Adam and I came up with a new idea. I dumped all …

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Nov 01

Halloween 2008

Halloween, as always, was a blast. Adam’s haunted garage turned out great. My brothers and sisters all came over and spread out to help me. ¬†They dressed all the kids up! Marci did a great job on everyones make up. They took all the kids trick-or-treating. I just stayed at home and relaxed with Tori! …

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