Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 30

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Adam's Dad's birthday! I wanted to wish him a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   We love you!!

Sep 29

Ketchup Man

…. and Mustard Boy??!! For football practices and games Nik would fill up water bottles half way and freeze them so he would have cold water at practice. A few weeks into the season he found a ketchup bottle and used that as a water bottle. He loved the fact that he could squirt the …

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Sep 26

The End of Soccer Season

Soccer season has been a crazy blast! It's been busy, hectic and tons of fun. I am going to miss watching the kids play, but it will be very nice to have our afternoons back. Just in time too because it is starting to get a little chilly in the evenings! Here are a few …

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Sep 24

Grapes, Grapes, Grapes!

Kalixta, Ariana and I went and picked a bunch of grapes Monday while Britain was in school. Today I finally got it together and made grape juice. The grapes were green and so the juice is a peach color, go figure! But we have had lots of fun! So far I have 12 quarts with …

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Sep 23

Baby News

I had an ultrasound today. Everything looks great! The baby was sticking out his/her tongue. It was very cute. The ultrasound tech could see some hair! Everything is in the works so I will be induce on the 20th of Oct. I think Britain is the most excited. She know that the baby comes in …

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Sep 22

My View!

This is my view across the street from my front lawn! See the white trailer? That is Kenny and Marci's new house!!! No not the trailer. The house it is parked in front of! Yep they bought a house! They finally got the keys yesterday and moved in late last night! The best thing is …

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Sep 17

Football Again!

Nikolas is playing football again after over a week suspension from his parents. (He had to stop playing because he choose not to turn in quite a few math assignments!) He is happy to be out there! He used to play the whole game and do the kick offs, but he lost a few of …

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Sep 16

A Day in My Life

I remember when life wasn't so scheduled and hectic. I was busy with things, but now life just doesn't stop. I have to go here and here and here!  Which is okay. I like to be busy. This was my schedule today. 6:45  Wake up and then get all the kids up 7:00  Breakfast for …

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Sep 15

Once There Was a Snowman

This is not wishful thinking for snow to come. I am really enjoying the weather right now! It was Britain’s choice for a song to sing tonight for our family night. It is another example of what a cute phase Ariana is in right now!Please excuse the singing! We are not a family of good …

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Sep 12

Some People Say…

…that motherhood is a thankless job! I beg to differ…today! So far today has been one of those days when I really really love being a stay at home mom. (Cause I will be honest. I don't always feel like this!) Britain had a doctor appointment this morning so I am trying to get all …

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