Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 30


I took the kids to pick raspberries with the Johnson Family this morning. (Thanks for coming guys!!) It was an adventure! I had help from two neighbor girls who went with me. We picked just over 11 pounds of raspberries! The kids got a bored and hot and tired. Kalixta, Britain, and Ammon were my best helpers! …

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Aug 27

My New Gadget!

Everybody who knows Adam, knows he loves gadgets! Anything to make something easier or funnier he loves. Typically I am too cheap to buy these types of things. He is not! He loves to look around stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. Me? I go in get what I need and get out! Well last …

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Aug 26

First Soccer Games

Today was the first soccer games for Ammon and Zoe. They played 30 minutes apart and in different locations. So Adam took the boys and I took the girls!  This will be the norm! We will always have to split up to watch them play! Zoe was fun to watch. She played defense and did …

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Aug 25

We Survived

Yeah! We did it! We survived the first week of school! After the second day things got better. Ammon's second day of school was much better! He hasn't cried again in the morning, but he still NEEDS Nikolas to walk him to his class. Nik is such a good sport and watches over Ammon and …

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Aug 19

Back to School!

School started yesterday! No more sleeping in, I am very upset! Looking through my own photos I always have a picture out front of my house on the first day of school. I guess that is why I always take one. Nikolas is home and not too excited to start school. He did have a …

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Aug 19

Happy Birthday Marci!!

Marci's birthday was Sunday. We had a great afternoon together. I am very grateful for my very special sister, who I couldn't imagine life without! You are the best Marci! We all love you lots! Happy Birthday!   I have been having computer difficulties! Sorry about the late post.

Aug 15

Swimming pictures

Here's just a few pictures of swimming the other day. They were just too cute not to share! This last picture is very amazing. Zoe doesn't like to put her face in the water. Marci had a pair of goggles for her and she loved them. She went under the water numerous times. It was …

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Aug 13


We went swimming at Kenny and Marci's pool again yesterday. It was so much fun! We have been going almost every week and the kids are getting so good! They are so much more at ease and confident than when we first started. They all have floaties or life vests now that help them swim …

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Aug 11

3rd Annual Back to School Fashion Show

That's right! It's that time of year again. The kids start school NEXT Monday! Ammon and Zoe are very excited to start. Nik is not. He isn't even home from CA yet! Yesterday we had our annual fashion show. I started this tradition when we first moved to Utah. The kids were not excited to …

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Aug 09

New Season

Adam is now playing on a co-ed softball team. There are a lot of the same guys plus Marci, Marie and Michelle. It is really fun because we have more players to cheer for! We really miss Jason and Jaime who moved to Louisiana. Jason got the grad assistant position on the LSU football staff. …

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