Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 31

Aspen Grove

Our great friends The Masks and The Thunells are at Aspen Grove. They invited us along with the Johnsons to come and visit them. We have such a good time visiting with them and letting all the kids run wild! There was a little mining town set up. The kids loved playing with everything, exploring …

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Jul 30

Smokin Joes

As we left CA to go back home we had one more stop to make… …Santa Paula… …Joe Torres… …Smokin Joes! Joe Torres is one of Adam’s childhood friends. They have TONS of hilarious memories together. They lost touch when Adam went to Utah and then on his mission and Joe got married and started a …

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Jul 29


Every year Adam’s Dad and Mom have a fiesta at their church. We have missed it for the last two years. We were not going to miss it again! It is a great excuse to go to CA and see everyone. Plus we get to go on tons of fun rides, eat yummy food and …

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Jul 25

My Nik

The best thing about our visit to Oxnard was being able to see Nik. He has been there for two weeks and will stay four more. He drives me crazy when he is here, but I miss him so much when he is gone. I mean come on, I have no one to take out …

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Jul 24

Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this day. Here is Utah it is a state holiday, so no mail, no banks open, etc. Adam still has to work so our day won’t be too different, but I still had to do a blog. We had the chance to go to the Camarillo Stake’s Pioneer Day celebration …

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Jul 22

Home Sweet Home!

We made it home today from our trip to CA. We had a great time visiting family and friends! We accomplished so much is a short amount of time. I was able to go to the thrift stores and get LOTS of uniform bottoms for the kids. I was so excited to shop at the …

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Jul 16


Marci and Kenny gave Ariana the cutest pair of sunglasses for her birthday. They are just like Marci’s, of course! On Sunday we were trying to get Ari to wear them so we had a little photo shoot. Here is Ari and Marci with their matching sunglasses on!   Here are the cool guys! Ammon’s “sunglasses” are …

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Jul 15

Mom, I can’t find…

I must hear this phrase a hundred times during the day. It bugs me most when the next word is shoes! There is one place for shoes, just put them away and all would be well. Apparently that is way too difficult. So today as we are trying to hurry out the door to go …

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Jul 11


Not much to blog about. It is pretty hot so I am making excuses to stay inside. This gets a little boring so I decided to finally put a few pictures up on the wall. It only took me two years!! I even got a few walls cleaned today. Hopefully I will be as productive tomorrow! …

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Jul 09

Second Place!

The softball team Adam’s plays on had a rough season. They won only three of their games. Then comes the tournament. We won the first game only to lose the next game that was played that same night. After a break for July fourth week, we had another game scheduled Monday night at six. We won! …

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