Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 30

(No title)

Here is my Grandpa’s obituary; Michaelson, Elmont W.   Elmont W. Michaelson was born the sixth son of William and Mary Ann Michaelson in St. Charles, Idaho on November 4, 1923. He passed away on June 21, 2008 in Oxnard. He is survived by his wife of 56 years , Patricia Joy Michaelson and four children: Mary …

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Jun 21

Grandpa Mike

My Grandpa died today. It was his time to go and I am happy for him, but it is still hard. I will miss him a great deal. He was a very special man. He loved his family and we all knew it. This is my Grandpa.  I picked this picture of him and Ariana …

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Jun 20

Camp Out

The kids decided they wanted to sleep outside last night. We have a tent that sets up on the trampoline. Nik brought it out and him and Uncle Lou set it up. They brought out all their sleeping stuff and decided, "What's a camp out without a fire?" I tried to veto the idea, but Adam said if …

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Jun 19

(No title)

We took a trip up to the reservoir with Lou, Cami, and Grandma. Cami was a fish in the water and spent the time in there or trying to catch fish with Nikolas. The little kids took full advantage of Uncle Lou and had him burying them. Here's Britain.  Zoe was a strong girl breaking out of the sand! …

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Jun 18

Owlz Game

Tonight we went to watch the Orem Owls play for Jordan birthday! (Great idea Michelle! We had a blast!) We were a little late because Nik had a game, but since the game went 13 innings it was fine! We sat out on the side in the grass. Jason caught TWO fowl balls! Adam went …

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Jun 17

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Today has been a great day!! We pick Grandma Gloria (Adam's Grandma), Lou (Adam's brother), and Lou's daughter Cami up from the airport. They are visiting this week from CA! We went to Adam's game were Lou was able to play! They game didn't go our way, but I love to watch them play! Adam pitched …

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Jun 13

(No title)

We have had a fun, fun week. I am trying to balance work with play. The kids have to do certain chores so that we can go have lots of fun. So far it is working out very well. This week one of the places we went was took the reservoir. They loved it and have …

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Jun 10


Yesterday I had my 20 week ultrasound. Adam and I stuck to our guns (it was pretty easy) and we didn't ask the sex of the baby. The ultrasound tech was great. She checked all the important stuff really, really good and told us everything we were looking at.  We saw the four values of the heart …

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Jun 06

A little video

Here is a little video from Ammon’s game last night. He is the one hitting. Adam’s favorite part is the stare down between Ammon and the second baseman when Ammon gets to second base! Enjoy!

Jun 03

Yankees VS Angels

Ammon had a game today. He had a blast and it was even better because Marie, Marci, and Jordan came and watched him play! He played third base and left field. He didn't get much action, in fact, he didn't touch the ball once. He didn't care though. He had two great hits and he …

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