Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 24

Basua Bucks

Basua Bucks are my latest attempt at positive reinforcement, discipline, and trying to teach my kids hard work. Let’s not forget doing a job right and learning responsibility. I got the idea from Nik’s school. His teacher gives Camo Cash for good work and behavior in class. Nik loved the idea and would do anything …

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Jan 22

Nik’s Job

It snowed yesterday and as always Nikolas and Ammon were out playing. Adam left to do a few errands so Nik decided it would be a good time to snow-blow the driveway. Usually, Adam and our neighbor (Dennis) rush to see who gets to use the snowblower. They are like little kids fighting over a …

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Jan 21

Daily funny

Tonight I was changing Kalixta into her jammies. As I pulled her shorts off her panties came down a little. Britain comes over and pulls them up and tell her, "Kalixta your butt was cracking!" Oh, how I love these moments!

Jan 20

BYU Women’s Basketball

My sister, Marie, plays basketball for BYU. Saturday night I took the kids to the game. It wasn’t such a good game, we lost a lot to Utah, but it was fun to go to a game and see Marie. Ariana was great! She liked all the noise and action. She would dance when the …

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Jan 18

Jumpin Jacks

Today is Kalixta and Britain’s birthday. WOW! I can’t believe they are four! I wanted to do something super fun so we went to Jumpin Jacks. This place has tons of huge inflatables to play on. We had so much fun! Ariana DID NOT like the slides, but we took her down anyway. Kalixta loved …

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Jan 15

Nothing better…

…than the look of sheer joy on the faces of the kids going sledding Saturday!  We had a blast. The day was sunny and kinda warm, so that helped. Kalixta loved sledding down by herself. She would then drag the sled up too. Ammon did really good at going down on the snowboard! I was …

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Jan 11

I need your help!!

As I put Christmas away I have been thinking about what a great time I had. I really, really enjoyed Christmas this year! We tried so many new traditions and had so much fun. We did our old traditions and had a blast too. So I was trying to decide what to do or not …

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Jan 10

This is what you get…

…when you give a 10 year old a camera! Since I got a new camera. Yahoo! We gave Nikolas the old one. He loves to take picture and video so we thought it was a good idea. His first day with the camera looks like this! I think they had a good time!!

Jan 09

Do you know what I need?

Beside two more hands, a better memory, and the ability to be in two places at once? I need peep holes in my kids’ rooms! Not a little front door peep hole, but a small (12inches x 12inches) window. One where I can see in, but no one can see out. Not only would I …

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Jan 07

I’m Bored!

Anyone else??!!

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