Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 30

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Ever since Kalixta cut her hair Britain has wanted to cut hers too. So yesterday I finally took her to the salon. She acted shy when she got there and couldn’t tell Nicole how she wanted her hair.  It turned out sooooooooo good.   Britain’s hair is gorgeous. It is thick and healthy and a …

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Nov 29

Thanksgiving Update

I couldn’t let too much time pass before I blogged about Thanksgiving week. The week was eventful and loads of fun. It started with Maisey having her puppies, three adorable puppies. There are two girls and one boy. They are so much fatter already. I will post updated pictures soon. Aren’t the cute?! Tuesday Ammon …

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Nov 16

He’s home! He’s home!

"I’m so glad when daddy comes home, Glad as I can be; Clap my hands and shout for joy, Then climb upon his knee, Put my arms around his neck, Hug him tight like this, Pat his cheeks, then give him what? A great big kiss." Daddy is finally home! We waited all day for …

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Nov 15


I am totally missing Adam. He will be home Friday at 3:00 am and I cannot wait. It has been a LOOONG two weeks, but it is almost over! So at night when I am all alone because the kids are in bed, what do I do? EAT! Ice cream, chips, cereal, chocolate milk, chocolate …

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Nov 14


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We got new carpet today. I love how it looks. It is soo clean and fresh and NEW!! This is before. It was light and got DIRTY way easy. Plus it was so hard to clean. This is now! Hooray! Isn’t is great?! I so happy, it is hard to put into …

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Nov 11

Fall Leaves

My personnel photographer, Marci, came and took pictures of the kids with all the fall leaves. It was fun. I thought about doing this, but lacked the energy to pull if off, so thank goodness for Marci who has great ideas and lots of energy!! Plus way better photography skills! Thanks Marci!! Going through all …

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Nov 10

Bye Bye Curls

Kalixta had the most beautiful hair with all her curls. Lately it has just been a tangly mess, so I decided to cut it. I procrastinated for a few weeks because I really didn’t want to cut her hair. That was until today when Kalixta asked me, "When am I getting my hair cut?" So …

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Nov 07


Go!!! This what autumn is all about!

Nov 05

Show N Teach

Ammon had show n teach at school today. He got to pick something he is good at and teach all his friends at school how to do it. He changed his mind  every day and worried about it all week. Sunday night he decided and practiced and practiced. Finally today he got to teach… how …

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Nov 04

Guess Who?!

Finally here are some Halloween pictures! Hope you can figure out who everyone is!!! Here’s the trickiest one! This is Kalixta! Doesn’t she look great! She saw the teeth and had to be a vampire. She did such a good job of keeping her teeth in, she would scream with her mouth closed so you …

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