Monthly Archive: October 2007

Oct 30


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! We had so much fun carving our pumpkins this year. We each had our own pumpkin, Ammon had TWO, plus we had seven from our garden. Then you add a pumpkin for Kenny and Marci, two for Jordan and Michelle, and one for Jeff and Tisha and you got a whole lot …

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Oct 23

Another One?!

We had our third snow fall this month!!! It started Saturday afternoon during the BYU game. After the game we all went out and had a great snowball fight. Ari is unsure of how much she likes the snow, but she is sure it tastes good! This was our Sunday morning view!! Aaaaahhhhhh!  Gotta love …

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Oct 08

You’ve come a long way Baby!

Happy Birthday Adam!       I love you!!

Oct 03

Guess who’s 6?

Ammon! When I woke Ammon up this morning he asked, "Am I six now?"  I told him he was and he pulled his foot up, looked at it and said, "My foot doesn’t look bigger like a six year old."  Well Buddy you are!! Happy Birthday!!! We love you!

Oct 02

Ariana’s Favorite Game

Where’s Ariana? Peek-A-Boo Where’s Ariana? Peek-A-Boo!! Where’s Ariana? There she is! This is one game I never get tired of! Did you notice ALL her hair is up into two pig-tails? This is a record for me, she has the most hair of all my kids! And I LOVE it!!

Oct 01

What?! Snowmen in September?!

Yes, it’s true we had out first snow on Saturday! So Nikolas and Ammon had to make snowmen!