Monthly Archive: August 2007

Aug 22

2nd Annual Fashion Show

Zoe had her annual fashion show to show off her new uniform outfits. When we were shopping she asked if we were going to have the fashion show. I told her we would wait for Grandma and Grandpa to get here. Sunday night we set up a cat walk for her, got the cameras out, …

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Aug 21

Back to School

Happy Day! Happy Day! The kids are back in school! Zoe and Nikolas started at Reagan Academy today. Nikolas started 5th grade. (Am I that old??!!) He gets to take band this year and will start by playing the clarinet. He has a great teacher, Mrs. Twitchell. She is way into army stuff, which is …

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Aug 19

Another Great!

It was another great day. Marci received her endowments Saturday morning in the Provo temple. It was wonderful. Being in the temple any time is uplifting, but to be there with my sister for her first time was amazing. A temple worker congratulated my Mom on the accomplishment of helping her daughter get to the …

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Aug 18

BYU Graduate

Marci graduated from BYU yesterday! Hooray Marci! It was so great to see her walk. Yes, we cheered. They told us not to, but is was so exciting! I mean come on, how many times do you graduate form college?! Mom was mad, she gave us dirty looks, but it was worth it. Marci I …

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Aug 16

Happy Birthday Sujin!!

Happy Happy Birthday to You! Hope your day was wonderful. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Aug 15

Fishy Fishy

We finally got our pond cleaned out and filled up with clean water. So the next step was to get some fish. Our neighbor across the street said he had some in a bucket for us so we said GREAT!! Now let me tell you about our neighbor. He is great!! He is the neighbor …

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Aug 14

Home Again

Nikolas is home again after being gone for five long weeks to CA. He had a great time and is a little sad to be home. He had a great time with his Dad and had NO responsibility. But I sure missed him and I’m glad he is home. All the kids are pretty excited …

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Aug 04

While Daddy’s Away….

…the girls had a pedicure party!  Tonight I painted all the girlie’s toes, even Ariana’s. She got bored about half way through,so Kalixta and Britain started blowing on her toes and that occupied her enough to let me finish. Her tiny toes are painted and look super cute! Poor Ammon, what’s a boy to do …

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