Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 30

Sunday Dinner

I think every family has one. The one child that always gets blamed for all the bad things that happen. In my family it is the third oldest, Jason. If something was missing, Jason took it. If something was broken, Jason broke it. If something was not put away, Jason did it. If anything happened, …

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Apr 26

Game Day

Nikolas had his first game yesterday, a practice game, but a game nonetheless. He is on the Blue Jays. He looked so sharp in his uniform. He started at first base, moved to catcher and finished by pitching. He got walked on his only at bat. He had a good game. The score was 2-0 …

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Apr 16

Dental Assistants?!

Today Britain and Kalixta had their first ever dentist appointment. Ammon went too for his normal check up. They all received cute letters from the dentist, telling them what was going to happen. They were excited to go and ride in the fancy chair that goes up and down. We get there and it is …

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Apr 13

Happy Easter

A little late I know, hope everyones Easter was great. We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we had our usual BBQ with egg hunt and confetti eggs. Some of my family was here along with two families from the ward. The weather was perfect for a BBQ.  Adam made his delicous carne asada. Click here …

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Apr 02

“With my own two eyes”

This past weekend was great. Mostly because of General Conference. Even better was when my buddy called me because he had two tickets to attend the Priesthood session on Saturday night.. The seats belonged to an Area Authority so they were about 30 rows back from the podium on the floor. I could see the …

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