Monthly Archive: March 2007

Mar 27

Britain’s Confession

Ammon started crying down stairs (not too unusual) so I went to see what had happened. He told me that Britain had hit him (again not too unusual) in his eye. So I called Britain upstairs to talk to her. Me: "Britain did you hit Ammon in his eye?" Britt: "No!" Me: "Where did you …

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Mar 20


Mar 15

Super Student

ZoĆ« was selected as Super Student of the month from her class. Today she got to eat a catered lunch with Mr. Shenk, the principal. She got a goodie bag filled with free kids meals to about ten different places, and about five more for a dessert. She got a pin, a bumper sticker, of …

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Mar 11

Zoe’s Compliment!

A whole week missed from school meant that Nik and Zoe had lots of homework on vacation. So part of each day was homework time. Grandma helped and volunteered to be Zoe’s reading partner. Two different times Grandma fell asleep as Zoe read to her. Well, fast forward a week and Zoe is reading to …

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Mar 10

Happy to be Home

We are so happy to be home. We had a wonderful, fabulous, stupendous time in CA! Thanks Mom for room and board and all you did for us, we love you so much! Cali was as beautiful as ever, but even better were the great events we were able to attend. Saturday we were able …

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