Monthly Archive: February 2007

Feb 28

Happy Birthday Elder Beck!

Jeff- Happy Birthday elder! We hope this video adds some cheer to your first birthday spent in the service of the Lord. ~Your family

Feb 27

The Beach

California is GREAT. We love being here with all our family and friends. The kids wanted to do something we can’t do in Utah so we fed the ducks and then went to the beach. Silly me, I didn’t realize my kids would LOVE the beach so much. They got soaking wet and I didn’t …

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Feb 22

Ice Scraping

Now that we live in a snow state, this video takes on added meaning. For those of you who have lived in it, you’ll fully appreciate the humor. For those of you who haven’t…well…you’ll still think it’s funny. ~Adam

Feb 17


We recently found out that Britain needs orthotics. Orthotics are implants that go into her shoes and help change the shape of the bones in her feet. Her bones are forming wrong which causes her to be flat footed and knock kneed. It is not a big deal now, but as she grows older her …

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Feb 13

Eight is not enough

Yesterday, Melissa and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. It was a great day. We started off my doing sealings at the Provo Temple where Melissa almost fainted…again. I can’t remember a time when we have done sealings and she didn’t  faint. I even warned the sealer, so all of us were prepared. She was …

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Feb 10

Happy 8th Birthday Munchkie!

Hope today was a great day. We love you! And we can’t wait to see you get baptized in a few weeks!

Feb 06

For after much tribulation come the blessings

On January 27th, that scripture in D&C was fulfilled in my life. For almost 15 years I have toiled with trying to help my family accept the Gospel. It has been difficult and very discouraging. I had finally told myself that if it was to happen that it would probably be a long time from …

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Feb 03

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I know it’s a day late but my wife had her 30th Birthday yesterday (I hope she’s ok that I told you). I put together this little tribute for her. There are many reasons why I love Melissa and why I am so grateful to be blessed with her as my wife. She’s beautiful, a …

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