Monthly Archive: January 2007

Jan 31

Happy Birthday Kekoa!

A birthday wish to an old friend… from the Basuas

Jan 18

Happy Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful twins!! Who knew I could have twins, let alone twin girls (I always only wanted boys, so much for that). The past three years have gone fast with the days passing slowly. It’s been quite an adventure. I wouldn’t change much, only a poop mess or ten and a …

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Jan 16

The Power of Setting Goals

I don’t think that I have ever set New Year’s Resolutions- EVER! I have thought about it and even made some in my head but I never actually wrote them down and tracked myself throughout the year. I think the fear of failure was the driving force- BUT NO MORE! I have been listening to …

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Jan 16

Two Firsts

Ari got her first ponytail yesterday. I always save the honor of the first ponytail for Auntie Marci. She gave Zoë and Britt their first ones (we decided Kalixta never had that typical first ponytail because we just left her beautiful curls alone). Yesterday was the day and Ari wasn’t too happy. She cried, but …

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Jan 14

A New Mom

I am not good at new year resolutions. In that past that has translated into not really truly making any, knowing that I wouldn’t keep them anyway. This year however is different. I want to make and keep my goals. The problem may be that I have too many goals this year. We will see …

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Jan 13

Happy Birthday Baby Rhea!

We know it was yesterday but we hope you don’t mind that this is late. Happy Birthday!

Jan 12

Six month old Ari

I just have to start with "I am sorry!" I am soooo lagging on getting my blogs done. I have so many ideas and then life happens. So I will be better! With that said… Ari turned six months on the fifth!  I know, I know already! She went to the doctor today and got …

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Jan 04

To my Pooky Lover

Jan 02

That Spirit of Christmas

Whew! It’s been a long time since we’ve been here. Sorry to all of our loved ones who have been checking our blog. We just got a little busy this holiday season. With that, here is a video of us and our friends this past weekend. We had some old friends from Oxnard and some …

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