Monthly Archive: November 2006

Nov 30

Kalixta’s Big Day!

Kalixta was up at 4:45 this morning and was on her way to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake. She was admitted and at 7:30 she underwent surgery for two inguinal hernias. WOW! I noticed an abnormal bump in her diaper area a while ago and long story short, I finally found out what …

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Nov 29

Old Man Winter

We were sitting down to eat dinner on Monday night when Nik looked out the window and said, "Gee, look at all the bugs." I thought to myself, "What is he talking about? There are no bugs around in this cold weather." I looked out the window myself and saw a bunch of "bugs" banging …

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Nov 27

Glenn Beck’s conversion story

Someone sent this to my email and I thought to share it with you all. I love to hear conversion stories and this one is a great one. I didn’t know who Glenn Beck was but I do now. I loved hearing his words and seeing him get choked up. It reminded me of my …

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Nov 24


This week has been wonderful with all my family here. One worth much thanksgiving! This day has been very special and I have much to be thankful for so here is my list in alphabetical order: A Adam, Ariana, Ammon B Britain, Blogs, Books, BYU C Christ, Candy, Chapstick, Candles, Charlie D Doctors, Diapers, Dachshunds …

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Nov 15

Ammon’s check-up

Ammon is our family comedian. He constantly tries to make us laugh, plus he is at that fun stage of discovering things that is so fun. For example, he was watching T.V. one afternoon and came running up the stairs. "Dad" he said " Chicken nuggets are made out of chickens!! Why didn’t you tell …

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Nov 11

La Donna é Mobile

Many people don’t know that I am a big Star Trek fan. Actually, a lot do know that. I’d say it’s a good 50-50 ratio. The funny thing is that I got Melissa into it too. For a while now, I have been watching the DVDs of Star Trek Voyager. It was a Star Trek …

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Nov 07

Four Months

Four fast, slow, wonderful, crazy months have past since Ariana joined our family. She is living up to her middle name and is a Joy in my life. Although she was quite a brat this afternoon, but how would I feel after getting four shots?! Pretty grumpy! Ari had her normal check up today and …

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Nov 06

Pack Rat

Pack rat is what we loving call Kalixta. You rarely see her without at least two things. Toys, hats, jewelry, purses, books it doesn’t matter she carries all her stuff everywhere. Anytime we want to go somewhere, Kalixta has some container, a doll house, purse, or her soft cube, filled with toys. Then the fight …

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Nov 03


My goal has always been to take a family photo once a year and to take a picture of all the kids together once a year. Well, up to this point I have failed miserably. But this year I got a deal I could not refuse, FREE COUPONS! Anything free is right up my alley. …

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Nov 01


What a great night. I love Halloween. It’s got to be my favorite holiday. We had a haunted garage and had fun scaring kids. Kenny actually knocked a girl down she was so scared. That was classic. Click on the picture below to see our Halloween album. ~Adam