Monthly Archive: October 2006

Oct 31

Pumpkin Carving Day

One of the best times of the year has got to be Halloween. One of the highlights is getting to carve our pumpkins. This year was extra fun because we had a lot of family with us. Marci, Kenny, Jason and Jaime we all here and carved their pumpkins too. Click on the picture and …

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Oct 28


Yep it is my turn. Brit went first, then Marci, so now me. I expected Zoe to want to follow but not so far. I went this morning and had all my hair chopped off.  My ponytail was 12 and 1/2 inches long. I donated it to Locks Of Love. I feel very bouncy. I …

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Oct 26

Winter Wonderland!

Well you may have seen the video but now here are the pics to go along with it… Click on the Stop Sign to see our photos…

Oct 25

Our First Utah Snow

It snowed today! First time we got to touch it. We were pretty excited as you will be able to tell by this video. People must have been laughing at us Southern Californians:

Oct 24

Moments like these…

Moments like these… …makes days like these…                                                                                                           …bearable! No this was not practice for Halloween. Britain got my …

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Oct 23


Saturday morning some sisters from my ward came over and we made applesauce. It was pretty cool. My mom and Grandma made the kids applesauce last fall and my kids LOVED it. So at church when someone offered to teach me how to make it I jumped at the chance.             …

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Oct 19

Jack Frost

I woke up this morning and what did I see?Jack Frost nipping up and all around me. It’s getting colder in them thar hills… the grass too… The snow is a coming! ~Adam

Oct 17

My Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday so my blog today is a tribute to her.  My Mom is awesome. She is a great listener. She almost only gives advice when I ask for it. She is beautiful. She is loving. She is a great mother. She is a fabulous example. She is a wonderful friend. She …

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Oct 13

Pumpkin Patch

Our family tradition is to go to the pumpkin patch on Adam’s birthday. This year since his birthday was on Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch Saturday after the BYU game. Yes BYU won – GO COUGARS! We had a blast. I found a cute little patch nearby Nik and Zoe’s school. The pumpkins …

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Oct 08

Happy Birthday Adam!

Happy Birthday Adam!                  It doesn’t matter               where you go in life…                   what you do…               Or how much you have…                                          …

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