Monthly Archive: September 2006

Sep 24

Wells Fargo Player of the Game

38-0! That was the final score if you don’t already know. BYU beat Utah St. pretty bad on Saturday thanks to the Wells Fargo Player of the Game- Jason Beck. Yes, you heard right… Jason was named the player of the game and rightly so. If they had not taken such a commanding lead in …

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Sep 22

TMX Elmo

I saw this on YouTube and could not stop laughing… Well, I decided that my twins HAD to have this toy. I looked online and all the stores are sold out- ToysRUs, Walmart, Kmart, Target. I went to eBay and saw that people are selling them for $250… they retail at the stores for $39. …

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Sep 21

Ready to Roll

It would seem that our family are not the only ones getting caught up in the hype of Jason starting this week. I woke up this morning to a huge article in the local paper talking about Jason starting against Utah St. There was a great pic too. Check it out. CLICK HERE for the …

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Sep 20

A new BYU Quarterback?

Well we are excited as heck for this weekend because in all likelihood Jason is going to start for BYU at quarterback against Utah St. There is an article about it on CLICK HERE to see that. Unfortunately it means that John Beck, the normal starter, is injured. He hurt is ankles in the …

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Sep 17

Let it Snow!

Oh the weather outside is frightfulBut the fire is so delightfulAnd since we’ve no place to goLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! There was some excitment when we woke up Saturday morning and we saw snow on our backyard mountains. CLICK HERE to see more. Is it supposed to snow in September? …

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Sep 16

Cooking Lesson

Poking fun at myself is not something I usually do, but to save you all from making this mistake I will share a cooking experience with you. Plus I think it is pretty funny. I was making Adam a Cobb salad for lunch. I was trying to hurry so I put two eggs in a …

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Sep 15

Happy Anniversary!

I should have done this 2 weeks ago but better late than never. Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! Forty years is a long time but honestly, I hope this is just the halfway mark for you. I am looking forward to growing old with you both. Thank you for always being there for …

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Sep 14

A Tribute to Utah

Someone sent this video to me so I had to add it to my YouTube account to share with all. It is hilarious and it makes me want to go to iTunes and buy that Beach Boys song Kokomo. The video is not private so you don’t need a YouTube account to view it. Enjoy! …

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Sep 11

Where’s Kalixta?

Sunday morning was stake conference. Which means nine o’clock church. Which means I have to wake everyone one up. (Which, bytheway, means grumpy kids but that is not the point of this blog.) So I go to wake up the twins and I can’t find Kalixta! My hearts pounds a little harder until I hear …

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Sep 07

Off He Goes

Ammon started preschool today.  He was so excited. He has been waiting weeks to go to school and  today he got his wish.  So armed with his Superman backpack and a kiss from Mommy off he went. We went to meet his teacher, Miss Kara, last week. There was lots of toys, his favorite being …

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