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Aug 30

2006 Back to School Fashion Show

NOTE: This video is marked private on my YouTube account. If you want to view it, I have to add you to My Friends list. I have already sent an invite to those of you whose email address Melissa and I have. You should see an invite from buzz628. If you don’t have one it …

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Aug 30

BYU Football Day

This was a day of fun that I could only experience in Utah. We got to meet tons of the BYU football players. The kids got to run in a mini-cross country course, and we got to meet the infamous Cosmo. I took lots of pics. CLICK HERE One of the best things was getting …

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Aug 27

I love to see the Temple.

Our last big trip before my Mom and sister, Marie head back to Cali. We went to Temple Square. We saw the Joseph Smith movie. The kids were pretty good. Nikolas enjoyed it and learned lots. Britt and Kalixta got a little bored but were quiet. We even ran into a friend-Aaron Stanton.  Didn’t get …

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Aug 25

It’s offical

Okay so it is official!  I am a Utahn.  At least at the DMV.  I got my Utah driver’s license today. 25 questions. Open book. My kind of test!!  I miss lots of people and things(In and Out) in Cali., but I love Utah.  I love the lightening and thunder storms. I love the people. …

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Aug 23

It’s that time again!

School time!!  Zoë started 1st grade yesterday in Mrs. Bird´s class.  She has fought with me all summer about going to a charter school.  The playground is too small, they wear uniforms-which are gross, it is too far away, and she doesn’t know anyone there.  That all changed Saturday night,  We had a fashion show …

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Aug 22

This is the Place!

Yesterday the family along with my Mom and sisters, Marci and Marie went to This Is the Place.  This is the Place is a monument to Brigham Young when he entered the Salt Lake Valley for the first time and declared that it was the place that the Mormons would settle in order to gain …

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Aug 20

First Smiles are Sweet

The firsts are the sweetest.  Ariana has started smiling.  Yes, real smiles,not just gas smiles, real smiles -even Adam agrees.  She has a beautiful smile.  She loves to smile at Ammon and Nik.  Big smiles for Mom are rare, even with all my coaxing.  Maybe it is because I always have the camera in her …

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Aug 19

My Family is Complete!!

So most you know know by now my Nikolas is home.  He got home Tuesday night.  He flew on and airplane (for the first time.  He loved it, though he got butterflies on the landing.) to Vegas then drove with his Dad, Nana, and sister,Vanessa to here.  I, of course cried to see him.  I …

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Aug 15


I’ve never been the true BYU fan. I just support them because it’s Zion’s school. I can feel all of that changing now. It’s hard not to catch the fever of all these crazy Utah Mormons who bleed blue (I don’t like that connotation since it is also what the LA Dodger fans say.) I …

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Aug 14


Friends are GREAT!  What would we all do without our friends?!  I have a VERY hard time making friends (too many junior high and high school dramas).  I know people and can talk to them (as long as they start it) but I have a hard time opening up to people.  So when I have …

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